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Unplug: Breathe, Listen, Feel

cosmo - Unplug: Breathe, Listen, Feel
By Amy Melissa Witt
Third post in a 6-part series on the healing benefits of nature.

Are you aware that nature is alive and has a lot to share with you?  Are you paying attention?  One message often being communicated is to slow down, listen, and observe. 

Next time you are walking in nature, really engage your body, mind and spirit.  Find a spot to pause and sit upon the ground or just stand silently and observe.  Take in your c7e62e79 2984 4697 923d ac951951b646 - Unplug: Breathe, Listen, Feelsurroundings.  What do you see?  What are you noticing that you never did before?  Find one thing (plant, tree, stone, bark, or shell) that’s near you and strike up a conversation.  Ask if it likes living where it is; what it has seen over the years; what advice it has for you in that moment. 

Share some of your story.  How you came to be there.  What feelings you are or would like to be experiencing.  Before you go on your way, compliment and thank this being you have been talking with. 

f54c4253 15ad 475a 9e6f 74b9be44058e - Unplug: Breathe, Listen, Feel
Notice how you feel as you continue or end your walk.  Do you feel lighter?  Brighter, calmer, more alive?  Pay attention to your feelings.  What steps will you take to renew these positive emotions when you are out of alignment?

Believe it or not, you have just experienced one of nature’s healing sessions. Trust whatever has come to you and the experience you had. 

Want to go deeper? 

If you are you a woman who is feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and everything going on in the world that you can’t contemplate taking time for yourself to be in nature, but recognize that you need her healing benefits, then Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy is perfect for you. 

Nature Rejuvenation Therapy works with you to restore your mind, body and spirit so that you can experience more joy, better health, lower stress levels, and a deeper connection to authentic self.

This service provides you with eight scheduled, one-hour sessions over a 6-month period.  Each session will include nature-based activities that are individualized to meet your needs and desires. 

I am excited to invite you on this journey to rejuvenate your well-being and experience nature in a way that you’ve never experienced before. 

Want to find out more?  Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call and begin your journey today!



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Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

rejuvenation therapy rack card title  1170x658 - Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

Are you a woman looking for natural ways to stay healthy but don’t know how to tap into Nature’s healing benefits?

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and all the disruptions going on in the world?

Are you looking for practices to release unhealthy energy in ways that bring peace + joy to your heart? 

bird 300x225 - Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

Here’s what you need to know:

Nature is our best ally against all the toxic stuff. The key to receiving her healing benefits is to:

  • Slow down
  • Pay attention to the natural world
  • Engage your senses
  • Focus on your well-being

When you are completely connected with Nature + experiencing all she has to offer, it’s guaranteed you will feel great!  

Schedule your free consultation.

Earth Walkers guides people on healing journeys in nature through a variety of experiences + opportunities.

Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy works with women to assist them with restoring their body + spirit so they can focus on their needs, get more restful sleep, lower their stress level, and experience more joy.

On this journey, you will learn ways to tap into your core gifts and receive Nature’s healing benefits whenever you need to call upon her.

dragonfly 300x225 - Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

Earth Walker’s Nature Rejuvenation Therapy package provides you with: 

  • 8-scheduled, in-person sessions over a 6-month period
  • Regular check-in between sessions
  • Supplementary exercises and techniques
  • Access to additional Earth Walkers’ events

Each session we meet at a location that is rich with nature chosen specifically to meet your needs. From that location we embark on a journey of nature rejuvenation with activities including meditation + mindfulness exercises, guided nature walks, discovering plant spirit guides, and more.

bleeding heart - Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

Sign-up for Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy and experience:

  • Improved physical + emotional health
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep
  • More joy
  • New outlets for creative expression
  • Deeper inner connection

This investment for YOUR health + inner peace is
only $350/month for three months.


Let Earth Walkers guide you on your journey
to being HEALTHY!

Schedule your free consultation.

Begin your journey of

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