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Earth Walkers guides people on journeys through nature with horticulture and nature-based educational programs and experiences.  Earth Walkers provides the opportunity to inspire people to wonder about, and connect with the natural world and to appreciate its beauty and simple pleasures.

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Earth Walkers fulfills its mission through:
♣  Consultations with homeowners and local organizations interested in ecologically friendly landscaping or creating wildlife habitat. Learn more.
♣  Workshops for individuals, local businesses, and service groups that are unique and tailored to meet specific needs of the participants. Learn more.
♣  Nature-based Retreats in western or coastal Maine are just what you need to relax and unwind. Learn more.
♣  Event Planning to help organize agrotourism, garden or nature-based events. Learn more.



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Nature Walk + Garden Consultation

Gift Certificates


Purchase Nature Walk Certificate

A personalized nature walk is the perfect gift for any nature enthusiast. Walks can be designed for one person or a small group of up to 5 people.

This is a great way to explore a new trail, learn about native plants + wildflowers, and experience a variety of bird + wildlife habitats.  Guided walks are 90 minutes and take place on trails within 25 miles of Portland, Maine.

Purchase Garden Consult Certificate

A garden consultation is a great gift for all gardeners looking for fresh ideas.

Whether they are new to gardening, a gardener with a landscape that needs a makeover, a gardener who wants to attract birds + pollinators by incorporating native plants, or a gardener who wants to learn about ecological practices, Earth Walkers will help problem-solve with the perfect recommendations.  

On-site consultations are available for properties within 30 miles of Portland, Maine.


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Would you like an experienced coach to guide you in developing a relationship with your yard??
Do you know how to receive messages from your plants?
Do you want to learn how to garden using your intuition?
Maybe you want to walk in the woods to learn about native wildflowers or go to a nursery to pick appropriate plants for your yard.
If you’re in the greater Portland, Maine area, whatever you want to do, learn, or need so you can engage with Nature and her magic, Earth Walker’s Nature Mentoring Program is for you!
Details are HERE

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Reignite Your Relationship to Nature’s Magic

Free eBook

In today’s world, you may feel overwhelmed and out of touch with Nature.

You are meant to connect and communicate with Mother Earth, and her magic

This connection is not only healing for you but healing for Nature as well.

My eBook, Reignite Your Relationship to Nature’s Magic, will help you ignite your relationship to Nature + tune into her magic.

Download your copy TODAY!!

Embrace + Enjoy the Magic!!


2023 Energy Almanac

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Have you received your copy of the 2023 Energy Almanac? 
I’m very excited to have this wonderful tool to assist me with planning out my year in 2023.
Included are weekly astrological predictions along with a collection of holistic resources, including a BRAND NEW section about HERBS and their ASTROLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCES, contributed by EARTH WALKERS.
The Energy Almanac is a perfect resource to support you in your journey through the year ahead.
PURCHASE your 2023 Energy Almanac today. 


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