Earth Walkers guides people on journeys through nature with horticulture and nature-based educational programs and experiences.  Earth Walkers provides the opportunity to inspire people to wonder about, and connect with the natural world and to appreciate its beauty and simple pleasures.

♣  Consultations for those interested in ecologically friendly landscaping or creating wildlife habitat

♣  Workshops for individuals, local businesses, and service groups

♣  Nature-based Retreats in southern Maine

♣  Event Planning to help organize garden or nature-based events

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A personalized nature walk is the perfect gift for any nature enthusiast. Walks can be designed for one person or a small group of up to 5 people.

This is a great way to explore a new trail, learn about native plants + wildflowers, and experience a variety of bird + wildlife habitats.

Guided walks are 90 minutes and take place on trails within 25 miles of Portland, Maine.

A garden consultation is a great gift for all gardeners looking for fresh ideas.

Whether they are new to gardening, a gardener with a landscape that needs a makeover, a gardener who wants to attract birds + pollinators by incorporating native plants, or a gardener who wants to learn about ecological practices, Earth Walkers will help problem-solve with the perfect recommendations.

On-side consultations are available for properties within 30 miles of Portland, Maine

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Free eBook

Embrace + Enjoy the Magic!!

In today’s world, you may feel overwhelmed and out of touch with Nature. You are meant to connect and communicate with Mother Earth, and her magic. This connection is not only healing for you but healing for Nature as well.

My eBook, Reignite Your Relationship to Nature’s Magic, will help you ignite your relationship to Nature + tune into her magic.

Nature’s Musings

During this time of great change on our planet, it is more important than ever to be out in nature.

If you spend just 20 minutes in nature each day, your overall well-being will be improved.