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Earth Walkers provides horticulture and nature-based experiential educational programming and events. We offer opportunities that are unique and tailored to meet your specific needs. Hands-on programs include nature and plant identification walks, gardening skills, plant spirit energy, herbs, creating wildlife habitats, and more.

Earth Walkers is always happy to partner with local businesses, organizations, service clubs, Adult Education programs, and private citizens to provide garden consultations, workshops, retreats, and event planning.

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Hi, I am Amy Melissa Witt, and I am passionate about Nature, plants, and all things connected to Mother Earth.

Officially, I’m a Naturalist, Nature Mentor, Garden Coach, Horticulturist, Educator, Nature Photographer, and the enthusiastic, Nature Spirit guided Director of Earth Walkers.

I feel nature’s healing energy every day.

I am excited to invite you to join me on journeys in nature to invigorate your heart and fully experience nature in more spiritual ways.