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Restore Yourself Through Nature

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During this time of great change on our planet, it is more important than ever to be out in nature.  

Did you know if you spend just 20 minutes in nature each day, your emotional and physical health and well-being will be improved?   

To help you get through this period of increased challenges, Earth Walkers has created a free publication: 6 Simple Nature Connection Practices to Declutter Your Mind + Restore Your Spirit .  

This guide offers 6 simple practices that can help you rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. It is our hope that these exercises will assist you in reconnecting to yourself and to nature.

Take care and enjoy your time in nature!

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Unplug: Breathe, Listen, Feel

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Are you aware that nature is alive and has a lot to share with you?  Are you paying attention?  One message often being communicated is to slow down, listen, and observe. 

Next time you are walking in nature, really engage your body, mind and spirit.  Find a spot to pause and sit upon the ground or just stand silently and observe.  Take in your c7e62e79 2984 4697 923d ac951951b646 - Nature's Musingssurroundings.  What do you see?  What are you noticing that you never did before?  Find one thing (plant, tree, stone, bark, or shell) that’s near you and strike up a conversation.  Ask if it likes living where it is; what it has seen over the years; what advice it has for you in that moment. 

Share some of your story.  How you came to be there.  What feelings you are or would like to be experiencing.  Before you go on your way, compliment and thank this being you have been talking with. 

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Notice how you feel as you continue or end your walk.  Do you feel lighter?  Brighter, calmer, more alive?  Pay attention to your feelings.  What steps will you take to renew these positive emotions when you are out of alignment?

Believe it or not, you have just experienced one of nature’s healing sessions. Trust whatever has come to you and the experience you had.