Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

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Are you a woman who feels so overwhelmed by all your responsibilities and everything that is going on in the world that you are unable to get out in nature to receive her healing benefits? 
Here’s what you need to know, nature has a message for you and it’s that the key to receiving her healing benefits is to engage your senses, slow down, pay attention to the natural world, and focus on your well-being. 
Journey with Earth Walkers and be immersed in the details of nature.  Observe moments like the splitting green flower bud of a poppy, covered with water droplets and white hairs, revealing bright orange and black flower petals.  When you completely connect with nature and experience all she has to offer, it’s guaranteed that your heart will be invigorated.
Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy is a personalized service that works with you to restore your mind, body and spirit so that you can experience more joy, better health, lower stress levels, and a deeper connection to your spirit.  Schedule a free consultation.

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Hi, I am Amy Melissa Witt, Horticulturist, Educator, Naturalist, Director of Earth Walkers, and overall nature enthusiast who feels nature’s healing energy every day.  I am excited to invite you on this journey to experience nature in a way that you’ve never experienced before and discover her healing benefits. 

The story of the poppy.  One morning, I noticed a poppy bud whose outer shell had just opened, providing a glimpse of the beautiful orange petals that would soon emerge and fully reveal her gifts of grace and beauty.  So many of us are like the poppy, we tend to hide our gifts and true selves from the rest of the world. 

On this journey, you will learn ways to share your gifts and receive nature’s healing benefits whenever you need to call upon her.
Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy provides you with eight scheduled, one-hour sessions over a 6-month period.  Each session will include spirit focused, nature-based activities that are personalized to meet your needs and desires. 
Customized activities might include:

  • Experiencing nature’s healing powers through meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Connecting with trees, plants and animals
  • Guided walks on local trails
  • Nature photography
  • Creating nature art
  • Discovering your plant spirit guide

With Earth Walkers’ Nature Rejuvenation Therapy, you will experience:

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  • Improved emotional & physical fitness
  • Reduced stress
  • More joy
  • Heightened focus and clarity
  • New outlets for creative expression
  • Enhanced appreciation for nature

Today is the day to walk through nature’s gate and allow all your senses to experience nature’s healing energy.  Let Earth Walkers guide you on this experiential and restorative journey.  You’ll walk away with a powerfully recharged connection to self and overall well-being. 

I am excited to discuss creating the perfect experience for you!  Schedule your free 30-minute consultation and begin the journey to rejuvenate your well-being!


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