Fairy Villages

fairy village 1 150x150 - Fairy VillagesWhile out walking in the woods is your attention ever drawn to something?  You can’t explain why, but the pull is persistent.  This happened to me yesterday. I was out walking on a lovely trail out at Great Pond in Cape Elizabeth.  All of a sudden my attention was drawn to a tree stump.  The base of the stump was covered with beautiful mosses, wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens), other small plants and bark.  It was charming. 

Further along the path, I again had a strong urge to look off the trail.  The site that awaited me was absolutely magical!  I found myself looking at an area with moss carpeted rocks, tiny doorways, and a majestic tree trunk, all of which were softened by balsam fir.  Both of these areas filled me with joy and excitement.  It was then that I realized that these were fairy villages and I was being given the privilege to be a guest.  What a gift!fairy village 2 300x225 - Fairy Villages

Fairies are guardian angels of nature and they help ensure the health and safety of animals, plants and Mother Earth.  Being in their presence can make us feel lighthearted and happy.

Real or not, whether you believe or not, these occurrences are one of the many wonders and magical mysteries of nature.  Next time you are out walking in the woods or in a garden, notice if you are attracted  to something that you might otherwise pass by and think about what is persuading you.

Amy Melissa Witt

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